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Welcome to Birch Tree! I help clients with chronic muskoskeletal pain using the Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage for decreased levels of pain and increased range of motion. I offer hands-on treatment and one-to-one Pilates at The Studio for rehabilitation.  In group classes, I offer Pilates Mat work online with a ‘sprinkle’ of Slings Myofascial Training, which emphasise the myofascial tissue for elasticity, tensegral strength, greater somatic awareness and body-mind connection. My aim is to undo tension and reclaim ease in everyday functional activity.
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Audri Schaay
Audri Schaay
Jing Method™ ACMT| Pilates | Slings

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Audri leads her Pilates classes with warmth and enthusiasm and with a sensitive awareness of the capabilities and limitations of each of the participants. I have benefitted greatly.

Keith H., South Leigh

I was delighted when Audri started up Pilates classes in my village for two broken legs – at the same time – had seriously impacted on my mobility. After a year of Pilates with Audri my flexibility and movement have improved so much. Even though the classes are in groups she tailors her exercises for individual members and goes the extra mile to help everyone. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Pamela A., South Leigh

I've used Audri at Birch Tree on numerous occasions for massage and deep tissue massage and I can highly recommend her. Audri is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen fields, evaluates your needs thoroughly and then applies all her skills. Her understanding of anatomy and how it all works (and how it can be treated) is both extensive and impressive and perfectly compliments the treatments and advice she delivers. A true professional at what she does!

Steve W., Witney

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